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Welcome to United Churches Against Addiction. United churches against addiction is the parent organization of churches around the world whose purpose is to share resources and information with those challenged with addiction.
We consist of many subchapters. Currently we have two active subchapters, Faith In Recovery UK,  Faith In Recovery USA.
If your church organization would like to join us in our cause please go to the appropriate subchapter for your region. Then join our Facebook page and we will contact you shortly with additional information.
We are still building our organization so please bear with us as it is a big job.

Mission Statement:United Churches Against Addiction  is a one stop shop providing support for people struggling with addictions by connecting them with local churches and quality specialised groups and centres suited to their individual needs.

Joanna Gamblin


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Organisational Overview

The client front end department of the organisation will run a set of Social media platforms (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as the key means of both initial contact and ongoing communications means with people struggling with addiction.

The resources department of the organisation will establish and develop relationships with churches across the UK, and evaluated specialist help groups and rehabilitation centres, so that individuals struggling with addiction who are seeking help can be connected to appropriate assistance.

  • Recognising that stigma perceived by those struggling with addiction often prevents that individual from seeking help, and that the internet provides a suitable medium (perceptually anonymous) for connection, we aim to maintain a website and Facebook page, and other social media platforms, as the key means of making both initial and ongoing connections.
  • Connecting people struggling with addictions to churches in their local community for support prayers and fellowship
  • Connecting people struggling with addictions to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous and similar groups and other Core problem help programmes to support them through their recovery
  • Connecting and referring people struggling with addictions in critical need to treatment centres, rehabilitation centres, counsellors, group therapy.
  • Working with churches, local authorities and other groups to bring an awareness and overcome the global epidemic of addictions in society and associated stigma.

Ethos & values

  • Running social media platforms that are open, honest, balanced and non-judgemental so as to create an environment in which people can feel free to be open and honest about themselves and their own journey in addiction and recovery.
  • We believe that when a person is deeply demoralised, it is crucial in the pathway of recovery to help them out of isolation and disassociation from society by bringing them into a loving and supportive environment.
  • We believe that it is ultimately a connection with God through Jesus Christ that brings long term transformation of life that can help overcome any addiction.
  • We recognise the crucial importance of long term recovery outcomes, so resources will be thoroughly researched and monitored so only the most effective groups and rehabilitation centres are recommended.
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If you’re a religious organization and wish to be added to the United Churches Against Addiction organization please click the link above and message one of our administrators. Yes we will be adding many countries. Had to start somewhere. Thank You

Joanna Gamblin
My name is Joanna Gamblin a SFYB International Speaker admin/author and I’m 47 years old. I’ve lived in London for the past 30 years. I’m single with no children, as I lost the love of my life to Cancer. My family are from Sunderland in the north of England and I’m the eldest of one brother.

My childhood was an unhappy one filled with abuse and violence from my alcoholic father. My mother left and divorced him when I was 12, then started to abuse alcohol herself, fell into the depths of depression, had a complete nervous breakdown and spent many years in and out of a mental hospital, doped up on injections and prescription drugs, leaving her emotionally unavailable, manipulative and hateful towards me.

From a very early age I used alcohol to block out the pain, shame and self- loathing I felt inside, by the time I was 15 I was already a very heavy drinker and self-destructive. I hated home and had to escape from so much pain, so I ran away to London at 17.

For the past 30 years I have bounced from one deeply painful experience to another, which I repressed with alcohol & drugs. I worked hard, even excelled as a free-lance fitness instructor, personal trainer and operations manager in L.A Fitness, but with the addictive personality I’d developed my work became just as much of an addiction as my drug habits.

Constantly trying to fill that empty void and forget my low self-esteem, I self-medicated with alcohol and weed, then progressed to E’s, LSD, Speed, Cocaine, Crack, and towards the end a variety of prescription drugs.
Traumatic events led me to become suicidal and determined to kill myself, after numerous failed attempts; I collected a concoction of pills that could kill a horse!

Oct 13th2015 was going to be my last day, I swallowed 2 handful’s, but just before I took the last 2 handfuls it hit me to pray, I didn’t know God, but I asked God if you are real please forgive me and don’t send me to hell because I can’t take one more day in this world, then I swallowed the rest. It was game over!

4 days later, I woke up in ICU! I couldn’t believe it! How did I get there? No one knew!!? God heard my prayer and literally saved my life. I came to realise that God had been working in my life all along. I had a personal encounter with Jesus April 30th 2016;

He showed me many visions of how He had always been there. God is our Father, He knows every inch of us, nothing is hidden from God and He loves us all so much; His sweet love is like nothing on earth and there is no sin that can’t be forgiven. He healed me of all my pain, renewed my mind, and restored my heart. The desire to take drugs just left me over a year and half ago, though I’d slipped with alcohol I realise how easy it is to fall back into old behaviour patterns!

Now my life is to serve God and follow His will. He directed me to this addiction community to share my testimony and help people in addiction to know Him, get help and be restored just as I was! I am clean and sober with a heart full of joy and peace! God is real and nothing is impossible with God! Through my journey with God not only have I realised that God is real, I have encountered experiences with the spirit realm too, the devil is also real and we all need to understand this truth and armour ourselves to fight the attacks of the devil.

There is power in the word of God and the blood of Jesus and we can easily defeat the devil with God’s living word, don’t let the devil deceive you, draw close to God and He will draw close to you. Learn how to fight and overcome anything. Reach out, get help, we do recover. God bless you all.
Please check out my live video revealing my full story on Recovery Chicks, Holy Spirit Recovery or Stop Frying your Brain.

I’m Admin on SFYB Groups & Holy Spirit Recovery. I will be going live every Saturday @ 7pm Eastern, 12am GMT. I’m also Co-owner of Tribulation Prophets and The Tribulation Times, so check out our groups too.

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