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What’s YOUR Take on Smoking Weed?

By: Beverley Glazer

Pot will eventually be as legal as drinking is today. More and more states in the United States are legalizing pot, and several have already passed laws allowing it for medical use. Walk into a medical dispensary in these states, and you have a choice of remedies: chocolate, drinks, many strains of the plant ~ none are FDA approved, but all you have to do is present your medical marijuana card, and you can get it.

What's YOUR Take on Smoking Weed

Scientific evidence has demonstrated that THC, (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) is beneficial for:

And many more

Pill versions of THC, have been approved to treat nausea in chemotherapy patients and to stimulate the appetite. It’s also helpful for AIDS patients. A mixture of THC and cannabidiol (another chemical found in the marijuana plant) is available in several countries outside the USA, as a mouth spray. So there should be no argument ~ weed can be OK.

A_pot 2

If anyone’s quality of life is improved with pot use, I’m for it! But, every drug, even the common aspirin, has side effects. I also believe, if you’re taking any drug, you should weigh the costs with the benefits.

Regular use of marijuana has been linked to:

Loss of motivation

Smoking can effect:

LEARNING: Attention and memory, concentration, motivation.

SPORTS: Timing, movement, and coordination preventing optimal athletic performance

RISK TAKING: impairs judgment, driving ability, high-risk sexual behavior etc.

And, yes, pot can be addictive: The withdrawal symptoms are similar to nicotine —irritability, sleeping difficulties, anxiety, and craving— making it hard to quit.

My Take:
For those without a critical illness, I don’t think it’s worth the costs. I see many young people in my practice, who have lost all drive and initiative due to smoking weed. I see high school and college dropouts, lose interest and direction. I see bright people stuck in menial jobs or unemployed because of this drug, and families torn apart in frustration and anger.

The legality of pot use is not the issue. What’s important is how it affects YOU!


I don’t use drugs. I don’t eat meat either. I do what works for me, and what works for you is not my business. Although I have many years of experience in the addiction field, I have never told anyone NOT to stop using. To change your behavior, you have to come to that conclusion ~ and if you think you have a problem, that’s the first step to getting help.

So do some soul searching here. Ask yourself how much time and money you’ve spent on weed? Take a deep breath. Have your lungs been affected? Are you often negative or feel depressed? Are you stuck in a dead-end job or feel that you could do more with your life? Make an informed decision. If the benefits exceed the costs, smoking weed CAN be OK for you.

Your turn:
Are you a smoker? What’s your take on this? Has it stopped you from doing anything? Let me know.


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Beverley Glazer
Beverley Glazer is a therapist, life and recovery coach, a motivational speaker, workshop presenter, and a former radio show host. Her intent is to give her clients solutions to turn their potential into empowerment. She believes if you want it badly enough, "There is always a way!”

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